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Апартаменти LEV CITY HOTEL

Managing company

One of the major advantages of the project is the provision of services by the international chain hotel operator, which will carry out the complete cycle of hotel operations: marketing, centralized rental of apartments, repair works and comprehensive room service in line with the company standards. You do not spend your time managing your real estate, but only receive the passive income from your investment.

Апартаменти LEV CITY HOTEL у Львові

Make money while others recreate

For more than 10 years Lviv has been a popular destination point for tourists from the variety of countries, that is why comfortable apartments have always been in high demand regardless of the season. Not using your apartment purchased at LEV CITY HOTEL? Then make profit of it by renting it out. People enjoy accommodation – you get dividends.

in numbers

10 minutes of walk to the city center

2 km to Lviv Opera House

2,6 km to the railway station

5,7 km to Danylo Halytskyi International Airport

70 km by car to the Polish border

6 reasons to opt for lviv as the city of your investments

Over 100

Each festival equals to 20 000 people from the cities of Ukraine and other countries.

2+ million tourists yearly

ЗAs reported by the Tourism Office of Lviv City Council. And this number is only growing.

Rates for tourism services

Lviv is among the few tourist cities of Europe with the pleasant value-for-money ratio

Convenient transport connection

It is equally convenient to get to Lviv, both from other cities of Ukraine, and from Europe. For the majority of travellers it is the must-visit city.

Traditional and diverse cuisine

Numerous tourists come to Lviv on the so-called gourmet trips. This city is prominent for the variety of venues where one can taste the restaurant quality meals at affordable prices.

500 km to Kyiv, Warsaw and Budapest

Lviv is located at the same distance from three capitals. That is why, the citizens of these cities often choose it as their recreation destination.

Where do tourist
come to Lviv from

Where do tourist come to Lviv from

Number of tourists visiting Lviv

  • 2021 — 2.1 Mill
  • 2020‑й — 0.75 Mill
  • 2019‑й — 1.8 Mill
  • 2018‑й — 2.2 Mill
  • 2017‑й — 2 Mill
  • 2016‑й — 2.1 Mill
  • 2015‑й — 2 Mill
  • 2014‑й — 1,7 Mill
  • 2013‑й — 1,7 Mill
  • 2012‑й — 1,4 Mill
  • 2011‑й — 1 Mill

Why will lviv visitors choose lev city hotel

  • 1 No outdated services typical for high-end hotels.
  • 2 An alternative accommodation format in the city center at reasonable rate.
  • 3 All facilities under one roof: restaurant, children’s room, conference hall, security system and more.
  • 4 The inviting atmosphere of the trend-setting city of Lion..
Why will lviv visitors choose lev city hotel

Invest into «LEV CITY HOTEL» because you:

1 1. Appreciate prospects

  • You want to earn money without maintaining property.
  • You value individuality and style.
  • You strive to invest funds on favorable terms and receive passive income.

2 Wish to get the most of it

  • You need apartment not only for recreation purposes but also to have a place to stay at during your business trips.
  • You are aware that investing in state-of-the-art solutions will bring substantial dividends in the future.
  • You are convinced that investing at the start of the project will make you one step ahead of your competitors.

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«LEV СITY HOTEL» — is not only designer rooms. it is the comfort and the atmospehere of lviv under one roof.

Hotel infrastructure

Restaurant/city-café with coffee and croissants

To enjoy the views of Lviv over the morning cup of rich coffee with the crispy pastry of own production.

Patio lounge area

As well as the mini-library of bookcrossing format. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere for the guests.

Business zone for comfortable work

Including everything necessary to focus on your work or hold a small meeting of up to 10 people.

Snuggly rooms

Stylish and up-to-date spaces, which you will be proud to call your own. The rooms include comfortable beds for you to have a sleep even better than at home.

Special options for your convenience

Parking, laundry, concierge.

Design peculiarities

Modern ergonomic planning for comfortable accommodation and relaxation. The design and architecture of the Hotel was fulfilled by the renowned Lviv designer Mark Savytskyi and his team.

Design peculiarities

Profitability calculator

All income is shared between the apartment owner and the hotel operator in a 70/30 ratio.

Room type


The average room occupancy of Lviv hotels in 2019: from 75%

Room occupancy

Your annual profit
after deduction
of management costs 10 101 $

Profit earning mechanism

Profit earning mechanism

Apartments in private ownership are a new for Ukraine, however profitable and secure investment. The favourable location of the hotel in the vicinity to the city center and the first-class service guarantee high and stable income already during the first months of the hotel operation.

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The LEV CITY HOTEL project is being realized by LEV DEVELOPMENT company

Founded in 2015

5 commissioned residential complexes

17 real estate units

4 apartment hotel investment projects

Frequently asked questions

Can citizens from other countries purchase apartments?

Yes, a citizen of any country can become the apartment owner, for the conclusion of an agreement it is required to obtain the tax identification number at the State Fiscal Service bodies and open an account with a Ukrainian bank.

How will the owner monitor the occupancy of the apartment?

All hotel room owners are provided with the access code to the hotel’s programme profile in the online mode. By using this programme they receive the information about:

  • oom occupancy;
  • cost of accommodation;
  • booking;
  • payment;
  • discounts.

What is the forecasted hotel occupancy?

The room occupancy is planned at 75% level.

In what way will the apartment owner receive the income?

In view of the nuances of the effective legislation of Ukraine as well as the market specifics, all payments under the lease and property management agreements are planned to be carried out via bank transfer.

Conditions for the purchase of apartments

Purchase Documents

To conclude a contract of sale, copies of the original passport of a citizen of Ukraine and his TIN are required.

In some cases, the notarized consent of the husband (wife) is required.

Calculation options

All payments are made in the national currency in a non-cash form, at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of payment of the next payment.

Options for purchased

Option 1:

  • 100% payment - up to 8% discount on the room rate.

Option 2 – interest-free installment from the developer

  • First payment - 50%, installment plan for 1 year with quarterly payments in equal shares, 3-5% discount on the room rate.
  • First payment - 30%, installment plan for 1 year with quarterly payments in equal shares, no discounts.

Option 3 – partnership programs with five leading banks in mortgage lending: Globus, Kredobank, OTP, Pravex Bank, Oschadbank.

  • for a period from 1 to 15 years;
  • loan amount up to UAH 5 million;
  • interest rate from 11% per annum;
  • bail and without.

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30, Maloholoskivska st.





+38 067 830 21 15

Standard room

Square from 18,59 to 23,28 m2Accommodation for two persons (separate beds foreseen)

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Room with a balcony

Square from 28,08 to 54,48 m2 Accommodation for three persons

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Room with a terrace

Square from 23,08 to 71 m2 Spacious apartment with a separate terrace or recessed balcony

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LEV CITY HOTEL offers parking lots for purchase

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